Friday, October 12, 2007

Bible Study This Week

On Tuesday we got together for Ladies Bible Study and Helen did a great job of leading us. Thanks Helen!

We looked at Mark 6:7 - 8:30 Jesus' Ministry in Galilee and Beyond.

What are some of the traditions that you have? Where do traditions come from?
- Holidays
- Family
- In our homes
- In our churches

Mark 6:8-12 In this passage, we see for the first time Jesus sending out his disciples on their own in pairs to do ministry without him right by their side. What did Jesus tell them to do? What were they allowed to take along with them... why?

(6:14-16) People had all different theories on who Jesus was... what are they?

(6:19-29) Do you see a parallel between the deaths of Jesus and John the Baptist? What did people think of John the Baptist?

(6:30-44) Jesus feeds the 5,000. How did Jesus see the crowd? What was the difference between Jesus' suggestion and the disciples' suggestions on what to do with the crowd? What happened?

(6:45-52) Jesus took some time to pray by himself. The disciples were on the Sea of Galilee and a storm came up. Jesus walked out to them and told them not to be afraid.
What was the disciples' reaction to seeing Jesus on the water?
Did they know who he was?
How often do we not recognize Jesus?

(6:53-56) Jesus was at the height of his popularity in Galilee. How does the scene in this passage contrast with events soon to come?

(Mark 7:1-23) The Pharisees were on a constant mission to find fault with Jesus. What was their complaint? What did Jesus say in response to their criticism? What are 13 things that come out of a man and defile him?

What is the difference between man's traditions and God's law? How can we mix these up?

(7:24-8:10) Jesus did many miracles among the Gentiles.
Healing a Gentile Woman's daughter - How did Jesus respond to the woman's request to heal her daughter? What did she say?

Healing a deaf-mute - What did Jesus do as he healed this man? How is this healing symbolic of Jesus' earthly mission?

Feeding 4,000 people - How is this similar to the feeding of the 5,000? Is there anything different besides the numbers? The disciples had seen Jesus do a similar miracle before, and yet they couldn't come up with this as a solution to feeding all these people. Why?

(Mark 8:11- 12) The Pharisees demanded to see a sign from Jesus to prove His authority. What did Jesus do about their request?

Read Mark 8:13-21... What was Jesus telling his disciples? Did they understand? What questions did he ask them to show their lack of spiritual knowledge?

Then Jesus healed another man, but it was not the same way that we are used to reading about... What is different about the story in Mark 8:22-26?

(8:27-30) Who did people say that Jesus was? Who did the disciples say he was? Who do YOU say he is?

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