Friday, February 29, 2008

HUGO FURST of Donnybrook Assembly

I just wanted to let you know about a new novel that is on the market! And it is written by someone in our church... Lance DeWaal. I had the priveledge of reading this book before it was published and helping with the editing. I love how the finished product turned out, and I think you will really love the smart and caring character of Hugo Furst. Look for it at online bookstores, (see below) and enjoy some quality literature from a local author. I can't wait for book TWO....

You can find this book for purchase in the following online locations:

Chapters Online
Publish America

Monday, February 25, 2008

The First Woman

Last Tuesday at our Ladies Bible Study, we took a look at Eve... the first woman. A few things were brought up in our study that I wanted to mention.

We are sometimes so hard on Eve, saying that she wrecked it for the world... they lived in Paradise as we will only know once we enter Heaven's gates. But even though Adam and Eve had incredible abundance, they chose the one fruit - the ONLY fruit that they weren't allowed to eat. Why? Well, if not Eve, it might have been the next person, or maybe it would have been Adam, or me. We often want the things that we don't need, or the things that we can or shouldn't take.... we often do exactly what Eve did.

Another point that was brought up was that Adam was "there with Eve" and he didn't say, "hey wait a minute, sweety, God said no to this one... but let's go get some ripe pomegranates, or I just noticed that the Granny Smiths were great for picking." Nope... he took some too. Why? Perhaps it's just a good indication of human nature. We can be tempted. Even Jesus was tempted when he walked on the earth. The difference is, of course, that he did not give into the temptation, and therefore remained sinless. Jesus used scripture against Satan and Jesus was victorious. We NEED to learn to do this too.

Our Bible Reference was from Genesis 2 and 3. Here are a few of the questions that we discussed:

- what was life like in the Garden?
- The serpent approaches the woman with a discussion about God. What doubts does he raise in her mind?
- what did Adam and Even give up by disobeying God's rules?
- Compare the woman's answer to the serpent's questions with God's original instruction in 2:17. Why do you think she amplified the instruction?
- The woman's first action was to re-examine the tree with serpent-enlightened eyes. What did she see?
- Did the woman think she was doing a bad thing when she took the fruit? Why?
- What was wrong with her focus?
- What were the immediate consequences of her action?
- How would you describe the serpent's strategy which effectively changed the relationships in the Garden of Eden?
- Even though the relationships in Eden were vastly changed, what evidence of God's grace do you see in these verses?
- It was only one tree and one little piece of fruit. What does Eve's experience teach us about the far-reaching consequences of our choices?

- resource - Women of the Old Testament by Gladys Hunt.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What is....

Here's a riddle that was sent to me via email this past week. I thought it was pretty good. Can you answer it?

What is greater than God,
more evil than the devil,
the poor have it,
the rich need it,
and if you eat it, you'll die?

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


After having to cancel twice in a row due to snowy weather, we were finally able to get together again today. We had a great discussion this morning with the ladies that came out. Thanks, everyone, for your input!

Our topic was Ruth... well, kind of! The first couple questions I asked had to do with loyalty:
- How would you define loyalty?
- Is it hard to be loyal to people?

Those simple questions made our discussion take flight and we talked for over 45 minutes about loyalty, loyalty in families, loyalty in marriages, lack of loyalty in society, you name it.

So, this post is going to be just about loyalty. What does that word mean to YOU? I would love to have the discussion carry on further here... do you have a story to tell about how someone has shown loyalty to you? Or an answer to my questions above? Please feel free to leave your comments. I know people read this, because I've asked!!! But I'd love for you to feel free to jump into the discussion, even if you weren't at our Bible Study this week.

Some of the points of our discussion were:
- Loyalty is when you stand by someone no matter what.
- It's a form of commitment
- Society is greatly lacking loyalty, and we don't value loyalty in our society.
- Even when we don't necessarily see eye to eye with someone, or agree 100% with their stance - loyalty is standing beside them in support.

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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Cancelled AGAIN.....

Hey everyone, due to our crazy weather this morning, and several of you have just called or emailed saying you have sick kids so aren't coming anyway, so tis the season...... we're going to cancel Bible study again. It snows really heavy for awhile, and then it rains a bit, just making the roads a slippery mess. As most of the ladies are loading up kids, etc. and some have already called to say they aren't going to come out in this snow/slush... I think we'll just cancel. Sorry about that... we'll get to Ruth next week!