Monday, October 13, 2014

Apple picking time!

One of the most delicious units in Kindergarten is our Harvest Unit. What a bounty we have in this country. A big part of what we learn during Harvest is all about apples. We had the opportunity to visit the local Apple Barn and try some delicious Jonigold apples there. We had a hay ride and got to learn about the life cycle of the apple tree and, as we left, the Apple Barn gave us a bag full of Gala apples.

The first thing we did with these apples was to look at the different colours. Not all apples are pure red, green or yellow. Gala apples are a good example of this.  

The Basket of Apples by Paul Cézanne

We looked at the varied colours and then we looked at the paintings of Paul Cézanne. This link will take you to the online story of Cézanne's apples that I read to my class. After looking at the painting by Cézanne, we made our own still life paintings.

Another great thing to do with apples is to make applesauce! Yummy yummy applesauce. The Gala apples that we used in our Cézanne activity are the ones we made into applesauce.

On applesauce making day my own 3 children (grades 3, 5 and 6) and I made up a little song on the way to school. I taught it to my class and they caught on right away!


Wash the apples, peel the apples
Dump the apples, stir the apples
Add a little sugar, cinnamon
Put them in your tummy
Yummy yummy applesauce
Yummy applesauce
Yummy yummy applesauce
Happy happy applesauce!

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